Winter art markets and roast chickens

 My son James has been staying with me for the past month. He has come over from New Zealand for Christmas plus New Year and has unfortunately gone down with  a rather bad cold, so I thought I should at least dose him up with a cold and flu remedy before I did the Salisbury Artisan Market on Sunday (4th Jan). 

Having fed him a June 2011 dated Lemsip and very hard cough lozenges - also miles out of date - I drove to the market and set up.

I usually throw pots at these markets. It means I don't look at the passing public to pleadingly and can be a cause of amusement or conversation depending on there point of view and at least I'm making more work. However Sunday was bloody freezing. The clay I brought with me and water from the onsite tap were very cold and having been on site from about 8.00 my hands had lost all feeling by about 10.30. 

At this point I thought a visit to the local supermarket to buy more Lemsip and try an thaw out would be a good move. I found the Lemsip OK and was on my way to pay when I saw the fresh cooked hot food counter and thought maybe a hot spicy sausage or chicken wing would warm me up.

At this point I should say I'm not proud of my actions, but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. I picked up a sausage in a bag - it was lovely and hot, i was just putting it back thinking I should support the local food traders on the market when I saw the roast chickens................

They were so warm and my hands were so cold. I spent the next 10 minutes thawing out my hands almost hugging the delightful hot little things. I was there so long that one of the security guards was watching me suspiciously as I warmed my hands. So I paid for the Lemsip and legged it.

I went back to the market sold sod all all day and went home frozen. I stopped throwing pots after another hour 'cos I couldn't feel my fingers again.

And the moral of the story?  Always take a flask of hot water with you so you can heat the water you throw with, or find a warm bird. (I just put last bit Debs because I thought it was funny x).