After throwing stoneware for a few years I tried porcelain.  Much smoother and has a beautiful translucent quality when thrown thin. I am constantly refining the shapes of the vessels I now throw. I originally tried to make the bases as small as possible, this gave wonderful shapes and shadows around the base but they were rather unstable and frightened prospective clients. Now they have slightly larger bases and, by changing the shape slightly there is still a visual confusion between the base of the vessel and the surface it is resting on. This gives the impression of weightlessness and they appear to float.

I have reduced the quantity and coverage of the glazes I use so they do not detract from the shape. The earlier pieces had glazes covering half or all of the external face leading to a conflict with the shape. I now only glaze the inside to the rim and leave the rest plain or use a simple chattered finish giving a subtle shadow change.