Why do I waste my time?

Ok, so it's Saturday about 3 in the afternoon and I'm sat @ the computer updating the contact details on the website so you can copy and paste my email rather than trust the online form. Something that really is a luxury. I have pots to throw, glaze and fire. Yet I sit here convinced this is a better use of my time.

What is the matter with me, surely I recognise the classic displacement theory that has lead students over the years to create fantastic colour coded revision schedules rather than revise, or those of us preparing for a show, to tidy up, hoover the house, then wash and even iron clothes, sheets etc. - yes I do that too.

There must be an inner compulsion of a semi destructive nature that leads to this course.......... Anyway enough for now I have socks to pair and a CD collection to categorise by colour - I am an artist after all - before I even think about touching clay........